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2016 Key Presenters

Professor Tom Calma

6th Chancellor of the University of Canberra and the first Indigenous male Chancellor of an Australian university

Professor Frank Oberklaid

Director, Centre for Community Child Health, The University of Melbourne

Professor Bev Fluckiger

School of Education and Professional Studies, Griffith University

Dr. Lane Strathearn

Developmental pediatrician and a neuroscientist from the University of Iowa

Penny Dakin

National Program Director, Australian research Alliance for Children and Youth (ARACY)

Dr. Sara Watson

Global Director of ReadyNation


“A great conference, having people from a variety of services and roles, but with early years focus, really brought a wide range of perceptions together.”

“It was a very friendly atmosphere. Very easy to connect with other participants.”

“I really enjoyed the breakout sessions, hearing about what other services/areas are doing, challenges they are experiencing and the innovative ways they are overcoming them.”

“The information gained from the guest speakers was very beneficial and interesting.”

“Key note presentations were all really high quality and informative.”

“I enjoyed the keynote speaker addresses and hearing from other services as to how they deliver. It was great to network with other services I wouldn’t have otherwise connected with.”

“Breakout sessions very practical and information can be adopted to use in my role.”

“Challenged by Sara Watson; encouraged by Frank Oberklaid and Penny Daikin, inspired by Tom Calma.”

“I was reminded of the importance of early intervention work and practice-informed research, and was inspired by the momentum at the conference from people to think differently about their practice.”