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Master of Ceremonies

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Dr Karen Struthers

Karen is driven by the desire to ensure that all children have access to early years education and care; a safe place to call home; quality health care and recognition of their culture. Her current early years focus is in the areas of healthy relationships, sex education and sexual health prep to post-school. Some things to know about Karen’s experience:

  • With roles in social work, advocacy, policy, education, research —and more than a decade as a Member of Parliament and Minister for Community Services, Housing and Women—Karen has had a big impact on many social reforms. Most notably, she is recognised as a long-standing leader and reformer in the prevention of domestic and family violence.
  • Led a national alliance Every Child— funded by The Benevolent Society to promote systems leadership across sectors to improve the wellbeing of children and young people.
  • Current work includes: CEO of True Relationships and Reproductive Health; Board Member of the Menzies Health Institute, Queensland and Adjunct Fellow at Griffith University and University of the Sunshine Coast (USC).