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Thank you to our sponsors.  Please make the time to visit their exhibition stands and learn more about what they offer. It is a great opportunity to engage with them face to face.

The Thriving Queensland Kids Partnership (TQKP) is a Queensland-focused initiative, auspiced by ARACY, committed to the shared goal of ‘catalysing systems to change the odds for Queensland children and young people to thrive’ through building cross-sectoral connections among leaders and organisations, strengthening existing efforts and innovating to better support children and young people, families and communities. Find out more at

Save Our Services

Save Our Service (SOS) is a Casual Childcare Recruitment Agency dedicated to addressing the workforce challenges within the childcare sector. As a leading Recruitment Agency, we recognise the critical importance of reliable, affordable, and high-quality childcare services.

With a firm commitment to fostering successful relationships and prioritising the needs of our clients and partners, SOS stands ready to redefine excellence in childcare recruitment.

Contact us today to learn about our tailored solutions for your centre 1800 633 376

Queensland Health

Child Health provides family-centred services for children from birth to 12 years within the context of their family and community. They deliver specialist care in the areas of child growth and developmental, responsive parenting support and information while promoting emotional wellbeing of the family unit. Services are provided in a variety of contexts from community centres, clinics, playgroups to family home.

Child Health services work collaboratively with relevant government and non-government agencies to address issues affecting families.

Kitty and Raffy

At Kitty and Raffy, we are dedicated to nurturing creativity and self-expression in young minds through the captivating story of “Kitty and I.” This heartwarming tale, illustrated with the enchanting art of montage, invites readers into a world of creativity and imagination. The story of “Kitty and I” also features QR codes that provide educators with valuable resources and practical guidance to introduce young learners to the transformative and imaginative world of montage art-making.

Our mission is to empower educators and young learners to delve into the transformative potential of visual storytelling and artistic expression, all inspired by the enchanting world depicted in “Kitty and I.” Through practical guidance, hands-on projects, and collaborative exploration, Kitty and Raffy strives to instill a deep appreciation for art, storytelling, and self-expression, fostering a supportive and encouraging environment for creative exploration and artistic expression.

Our aim is to ignite the imaginative spirit, cultivate self-expression, and nurture the creative minds of the next generation, embracing the transformative and enchanting journey illustrated in “Kitty and I” as a catalyst for artistic exploration and imaginative thinking. 

Department of Education

Early Childhood sets critical foundations for wellbeing and learning through quality early childhood education and early years services. Our commitment is to support families, early childhood education and care services and schools to positively transition children from home to quality early learning services, kindergarten and schools.

The Queensland Early Childhood Regulatory Authority (ECRA) is responsible for regulating the early childhood education and care sector.

We are giving all children a strong start through free kindergarten, engaging young people in learning, creating safe and inclusive workplaces and investing in communities for a stronger Queensland.

Hawker Brownlow Publishing

As the Australian publisher of Brigance, an early childhood developmental screening tool celebrated for its reliability and accuracy. The Brigance product suite is employed by a diverse range of health professionals, including hospitals; maternal child nurses; primary school nurses; speech pathologists; and guidance officers in schools, both in Australia and internationally.  

Brigance assessments identify developmental milestones and readiness in young children across various domains, such as language, motor skills, self-help, and social-emotional skills. By facilitating the early detection of developmental delays, Brigance supports the creation of tailored educational plans. Additionally, the Brigance Online Management System (OMS) provides detailed reports, enabling informed decision-making for each child’s developmental and educational journey. 

Located in Tropical North Queensland, The Cairns Institute at James Cook University undertakes research which addresses critical points of social and environmental transformation in the tropics. Their aim is to be visionary, multidisciplinary, and driven by principles of social justice and reciprocity. They inform and support public debate about sustainable development and other issues shaping life in the tropics, creating democratic spaces for the dissemination and discussion of ideas and knowledge. The Cairns Institute also aims to provide cross-institutional leadership in relationship and coalition building with regional partners.

Wuchopperen Health Services

Established in 1979 who are a primary health care service and is a non-for-profit organisation, Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (ACCHO) that delivers an integrated, holistic primary health care service to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the greater Cairns region.

The Children and Family Centre (CFC) provides an integrated services approach for early childhood education and care for children aged between 0-8 years old, family and parenting support and child and maternal health. The Children and Family Centre supports families with programs to assist families to develop strong connections with their children. Wuchopperen also holds weekly playgroups for the children to come together to play, learn, interact, and grow together and to meet other families in a fun, culturally safe and relaxed environment.

The Smith Family

The Smith Family is a national, independent children’s charity helping disadvantaged Australians to get the most out of their education, so they can create better futures for themselves.

Education is the most powerful tool we have to break the cycle of disadvantage. Our support starts in a child’s early years, when we work with their family and community to build the foundational skills they will need to succeed at school. Our Early Years programs and initiatives Let’s CountLet’s ReadChild and Parent Centres and Communities for Children help families, educators and community professionals build the skills and confidence they need to support children in the preschool years.

Once a child starts school, we help them access the everyday essentials and extra support they need to engage fully with their education right through to Year 12. Our programs encourage young people to connect the skills they learn in the classroom with career and educational opportunities in their post-school years. If students go on to tertiary education, we pair them with a mentor and provide additional support to help them take the first steps in their chosen career. At every stage, we also support parents and families in developing the confidence and skills they need to help their children reach their full potential. Our long-term, targeted educational support gives children and young people opportunities to help them succeed at school and fulfil their potential in life.

True Relationships & Reproductive Health (True) was established in 1972 as Family Planning Queensland and is a profit-for-purpose organisation. Our goal is to achieve substantial, positive social impact by improving reproductive and sexual health and promoting safe and respectful relationships. We achieve this through the delivery of expert clinical serviceseducation and counselling. Our comprehensive sexuality education is evidence-informed and designed for early years settings, school communities and adults working with children, community organisations, and translators & interpreters. We also offer resources and support for young people, parents, carers, and people with a disability.

G8 Education

Make a difference doing the job you love!

At G8 Education, we are dedicated to molding the futures and minds of our young ones, guiding them to discover their individual voices and paths. This isn’t just a job; it’s a true calling. This dedication fuels G8 Education’s unwavering commitment to fostering a culture that uplifts and acknowledges our cherished community of early childhood educators, teachers, and leaders.

As one of Australia’s largest early education and care providers, with 400+ centres across Australia, we provide the scope and magnitude to empower you to make a difference doing the job you love.

James Cook University

James Cook University is committed to the regional, rural and remote communities it serves in northern Queensland. In the Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood) you build expertise about educating early learners from birth to 8 years. JCU is committed to supporting First Nations students through our RATEP program and TAFE partnership. Students with a Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care can apply for one year credit when they enrol. 

In this nationally accredited course available online across Australia, grow your understanding of child psychology and brain development to promote learning for literacy, numeracy, STEM, and the humanities. Our focus is on play-based pedagogies to develop the whole child. Emerge with highly developed communication skills tailored to support, engage and encourage early learners. 

Cairns South Together

Cairns South Together is a collaborative focused on improving the lives of Cairns South young people and their families, through a place-based collective impact approach. Our Vision is for “Happy and healthy young people contributing to a brighter future in Cairns South”. We were developed to represent the desire for our children and young people to have the well-being, support, and opportunities they need to grow and thrive. To achieve this, we are focused on two primary areas:

  • Children are developing well in their first 1,000 days and launch into early learning.
  • Young people have the foundations needed as they start adolescence and launch into a thriving future.

The CST is supported by Mission Australia as the backbone organisation under their Community of Focus initiative. To create community change and sustain systems change the CST Steering Committee have embedded the five interconnected practices of enacting systemic change, identified by Tamarack Institute, into the governance structure. These include:

  • Collective Impact
  • Community Engagement
  • Collaborative Leadership
  • Community Innovation
  • Evaluating Impact.

At the Benevolent Society, we believe everyone – young and old – should be able to live their best life. That is why our teams have been helping to support Australian families for more than 200 years. We provide learning and development care to help children and parents thrive through play and specialist programs such as: Early Years Centres, community events, Early Childhood Education Centres, child and family psychology, occupational therapy, specialist case management, and other allied health support. Our teams provide help every step of the way as every child’s situation is unique and strive to build nurturing and caring foundations for all families involved.

At Mission Australia we are a ‘Partner in the Community’ for the NDIS.

The Early Childhood Service supports children aged 0 to 6 years with permanent and significant disability and/or developmental delays and their families to access early intervention supports and services under the NDIS.

Our Local Area Coordinators (LACs) help people with permanent/significant disability aged 7 to 64 years to understand and access the NDIS and develop and use their NDIS plan. We also work more broadly with our local communities to increase accessibility and inclusivity and share info/resources to build capacity of people with disability and/or developmental delays to access NDIS/non-NDIS (mainstream/community) supports and services across the region.

Act for Kids is a for-purpose organisation that delivers evidence-led professional therapy and support services to children and families who have experienced or are at risk of harm.

Our dedicated team of psychologists, speech therapists, early education specialists, counsellors, occupational therapists and family support workers have helped hundreds of thousands of children and families since 1988.

Act for Kids operates 30 centres across Australia and has a team of over 450 staff from Adelaide all the way up to the Cape York Peninsula. Our services have expanded to include integrated therapy, support for vulnerable families, special workshops to empower kids and safe houses in remote Aboriginal communities.

Through prevention, treatment, research, education and advocacy, we are committed to supporting thousands of children, young people and their families. Find out more at

Department of Child Safety, Seniors and Disability Services

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